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El Futuro La Mesita Webinar: Connect, Coordinate, & Collaborate: Working with Attorneys to Serve Survivors of Human Trafficking & Other Traumas in the Latinx Community

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Human trafficking, at its core, is the exploitation of vulnerability for profit. Behavioral Health providers are in a unique position to identify and respond to human trafficking as survivors and individuals at heightened risk seek services. Experiences of trauma increase vulnerability to trafficking. And, there is growing evidence that many are at heightened risk of trafficking simply because of their race, gender identity, sexual orientation, or immigration status. This webinar explores how behavioral health providers can better identify and respond to Latinx survivors of human trafficking in North Carolina and tap into state/regional response efforts and resources. This webinar will also cover legal remedies for victim-survivors, focusing on immigration and family law, and tips for working more effectively with attorneys to achieve a client’s goals in ways that protect both the client's healing process and legal case.

Date Created: December 28, 2020