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The Essentials of Victim Advocacy

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Event Dates
Victim Assistance Program, Summit Victim Assistance Academy Denton Room

137 South Main Street
Suite 301
Akron, OH

The Essentials of Victim Advocacy is a nationally approved comprehensive in-person or live virtual training of its kind offered in the state of Ohio, for assisting individuals in becoming a comprehensive National Credentialed Advocate. Participants who complete the 40-hour hybrid learning course will become equipped to use National Organization for Victim Assistance (NOVA) crisis intervention model to assist individuals impacted by victimization or traumatic events. In addition, participants will increase their knowledge about the judicial system, victims’ rights as well as resources available for both victims and the advocate providing the service.

Who should attend?

The Essentials is open to all those in the helping profession who may have the need to assist someone who has experienced trauma. Law enforcement, social workers, counselors, attorneys, medical personnel, first responders, clergy, students, and of course victim advocates should attend. This training is required for all individuals who intern with Victim Assistance Program.

Date Created: August 17, 2023