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Everytown Survivor Network 2022 National Crime Victims’ Rights Week: Navigating Justice Event

Event Dates

Gun violence victims and survivors who report a crime and seek justice may find the process stressful and personally challenging. Court proceedings may bring up distressing emotions for victims, while unsolved and unresolved cases may result in survivors feeling neglected without an avenue for justice.

Join the Everytown Survivor Network on Tuesday, April 26, as they bring together survivors to discuss the realities and challenges of navigating the criminal justice system, and why it’s so important for survivors to get support at every stage of the process.

This is a virtual event on Zoom. All events listed below will take place on Tuesday, April 26, beginning at 7:00 p.m. eastern time. (*Can’t join the live event? Register now, and you will receive an email with a link to view the recording after the event.)

Part One: Navigating the Justice System and Setting Expectations
This session will provide a brief breakdown and define the stages of the criminal justice process to give survivors a sense of what they may expect to happen.

Part Two: Panel: Support Systems while Navigating the Justice System
This panel will feature a discussion between survivors who have been through court proceedings, the trial process or criminal justice process. Panelists will discuss how they built their support systems and the meaningful ways support was provided to them during and after the trial process.

Part Three: Panel: Navigating Justice when there is No Resolution
In some cases of gun violence, there are no arrests. This may happen for a variety of reasons including because the perpetrator cannot be found, is deceased, or there was not enough evidence to make an arrest. During this session, survivors and criminal justice experts will speak about what they’re doing and have done to keep pushing forward for justice.

Date Created: April 7, 2022