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Executive Communication: Getting Your People to Understand Your Message

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As an effective leader and communicator, we need to have our employees understand the intent of our message and why it is important to the organization. We can have the best of intentions of making a team, department, or entire organization better. But too many times the message is not understood, or it is poorly received.

This webinar will provide strategies which will help your people understand the ideas you are presenting and make them easier to implement. 

As an executive communicator, peers will seek you out for guidance. Your influence can reveal itself at meetings, training sessions, and informational briefings. The webinar will challenge you to use the ideas and concepts below when talking to you people.

  • Knowing your audience and how to connect with them.
  • What are the commonalities that will help me relate to my audience?
  • Relevant storytelling to make my message impactful.
  • Utilizing questions when developing agendas to promote thinking by attendees prior to the meeting itself.
  • Using questions to redirect a meeting or presentation that is not going as planned.

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Date Created: May 26, 2023