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Grief and GRACE: Lessons for First Responders

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Trauma doesn’t occur from abuse alone. Vicarious trauma is an occupational challenge for people working and volunteering in the fields of victim services, law enforcement, emergency medical services, fire services, and other allied professions, due to their continuous exposure to both victims and perpetrators of trauma and violence. There is no experience of trauma that does not include a level of grief. Though people respond to vicarious trauma in a number of ways, it is inevitable that their worldview will change. This change can be one of cynicism, anger, emotional detachment, etc. or it can mean a deeper appreciation for what is good. The outcome is in your control. 

In this webinar, you will receive actionable tools to both prevent and heal trauma, gain a deeper understanding of how trauma affects the nervous system, and learn how resilience and growth can be the outcome of grief, loss, and trauma.

Date Created: December 20, 2023