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Honoring Life After Tragic Death: A National Day of Remembrance for Murder Victims Virtual Forum

Event Dates

The purpose for our forum is to allow survivors to have a voice to share with others how they are honoring the life of their loved one(s).

In 1978 19-year-old Lisa Hullinger was murdered, and her parents subsequently formed Parents of Murdered Children, a grief support organization. Following this, Congress designated September 25th as the annual date to honor and remember homicide victims and the devastating impact their tragic deaths have on families, friends, and communities. Its purpose also includes focusing on ways to support and help survivors.

This year's forum is invitation-only and limited to: VVAN Homicide Support Group [HSG] facilitators, Victim/Witness HSG staff, and VVAN HSG participants/survivors.

Date Created: September 10, 2020