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Human Trafficking Education and Awareness Fair

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Event Dates
Boeing Center at Tech Port

3331 General Hudnell Drive
San Antonio, TX

Come join the Human Trafficking Interdiction Division of BCFS Health and Human Services for its first ever Human Trafficking Education and Awareness Fair at the Boeing Center at Tech Port in San Antonio. 

With the theme of Hollywood VS Reality – How You CAN Make a Difference, the event will unite over 40 regional organizations and community partners to educate and raise awareness about human trafficking and empower community involvement in the fight against modern-day slavery. Whether you are new to this issue, or a long-time warrior, the event will offer new perspectives as well as opportunities to network with organizations providing direct services to those exploited by trafficking in and around the broader regional community. 

Learn what is happening in your local community. Meet those working on the front lines. Engage in the fight against all forms of human trafficking.

Date Created: January 2, 2024