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Human Trafficking Response Academy

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The Human Trafficking Response Academy is an introductory to intermediate level training course designed for victim advocates and allied professionals working with survivors of human trafficking. This training academy includes topics pertaining to both forms of human trafficking: sex trafficking and labor trafficking (forced labor). While there is no prerequisite for this course, those enrolling should already have reasonable foundational knowledge in victim services.

Topics covered: 

  • Dynamics of Labor Trafficking, Dynamics of Sex Trafficking
  • The Impact of Trauma, Understanding Trauma-Informed Response & Care
  • Mitigating Trauma During Recovery & Reunification
  • Harm Reduction
  • Working with Trafficking Survivors with Disabilities
  • Unique Considerations for Working with Trafficking Survivors
  • Human Trafficking & the Criminal Legal System
  • Human Trafficking & the Legal System: Survivor Experience
  • Civil Legal Options for Survivors
  • Law Enforcement Response
  • Creating an Effective Community Response
  • Personal Wellness & Vicarious Trauma

Date Created: September 19, 2023