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Human Trafficking Summit 2022 (Ohio)

Event Dates

Join the Ohio Attorney General's Office for this annual summit. This year's event will take place virtually.


  • Charging and Prosecuting Without a Cooperative Victim: Tech-Driven, Trauma-Informed Case Building
  • Disrupting Illicit Massage Businesses and Human Trafficking in Ohio
  • Population at Risk: Sex Trafficking Among Transition-Age Youth
  • Trauma Bonding Among Survivors of Sex Trafficking
  • The Power of Prevention: Interrupting the Impact of ACEs
  • Minor Male Victims of Sex Trafficking
  • The 411 on Sex Trafficking and College Campuses
  • Valuing Survivor Care: Implementing Service Standards and Prioritizing Statewide Collaboration
  • Including the Powerful Presence of Human Trafficking Survivors Without Exploiting Them
  • Human Trafficking and People With Disabilities: A Deeper Look at Best Practices
  • The Missing Piece: Brain Injury Caused by Violence
  • Assessing Culpability: Context Before Conviction
  • Animal Abuse and Interpersonal Violence: A Common Correlation
  • Addressing Complex Trauma in Immigrant and Refugee Trafficking Survivors
  • Focus on What Works: Early Survivor Focus Group Insights into Successful Service Modalities
  • A Day in “The Life”: Addressing Health Care Response and Medical Treatment in Human Trafficking

Date Created: November 19, 2021