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Immigration Relief for Human Trafficking Victims: T Visa, U Visa, and Continued Presence


A recorded webinar to help law enforcement and victim service personnel provide and work with immigration resources/services.

Target Audience: Law Enforcement Personnel, Victim Service Providers

Objectives: To support victims by providing information about—

  • available forms of immigration relief, including the eligibility requirements for T Visas, U Visas, and Continued Presence,
  • collaborating with allied professionals to better navigate the certification and endorsement process related to filing for immigration relief,
  • overcoming challenges to investigations and prosecutions where victims are undocumented and/or are applying for, or have received, immigration relief based on their victimization.

Includes: A webinar featuring panelists Jane Anderson, Attorney Advisor, AEquitas, Elizabeth Dallam, Policy Analyst, Family Immigration & Victim Protection Division, Office of Policy and Strategy, U.S. Citizenship & Immigration Services, Department of Homeland Security, Lynette Parker, Katharine & George Alexander Community Law Center, Santa Clara University Law School.

Date Created: February 3, 2022