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The Importance of Providing Support to Domestic Violence Victims in the Probation Setting

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In this webinar, Lauren Anderson, of the Suffolk County Probation Department (New York), will discuss the importance of having a designated person to work exclusively with, and provide support and services to, domestic violence victims in the probation setting. She will discuss the origins of her department’s Victims Services section, her role in her unit and in the department, and services she provides to her victims and to probation officers.

A few of the services she provides is liaison services between the victim and the criminal justice system, educating victims of their rights and options, helping domestic violence victims file police reports, obtain orders of protection, court accompaniment, crisis counseling/support, conduct danger assessments, provide referrals, and more.

Lauren will also share some of her case examples demonstrating the importance of her role and feedback she has received from her victims.

Date Created: October 29, 2021