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iMPRoVE: Onboarding 101

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This training serves as an Onboarding 101 to the Measuring Provider Responses to Victimization Experiences (iMPRoVE) tool. iMPRoVE is an online tool that programs can use to survey victims and survivors to learn about the outcomes of the services and the quality of services provided. The iMPRoVE tool captures agency data and displays it on an easy-to-use dashboard that lets you see how people are benefiting from services and how they felt about services. Agencies can view responses by demographics such as age, gender, race, or victimization type, which can show important differences in responses. Agencies can use the information for program planning, staff training, outreach, or other purposes.

Audience: Victim service providers who have signed up for iMPRoVE.

Learning Objectives:

  • Learn more about iMPRoVE and how it can benefit your agency.
  • Learn more about getting started with iMPRoVE (requesting an account, selecting a module, creating a tool, administering the tool, and accessing data).
  • Learn more about considering how and when to offer the tool Learn more about additional resources to support onboarding to iMPRoVE.

Date Created: September 26, 2023