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JustGrants Virtual Q&A: Entity Management

Event Dates

This webinar will address the following topics: 

  • General JustGrants navigation
  • First-time user access
  • Adding users and how to confirm that an account was successfully created
  • Assigning users’ roles to awards
  • Reassigning users or adding new users to an entity
  • Attendee questions about how to complete actions within JustGrants

Key Audience: Entity Administrators

You do not need to attend the entire session. If you have questions about Entity Management and Post-Award Management functionality in JustGrants, drop into the applicable session listed above to receive real-time support, answers and demonstrations. Feel free to drop in and out of the session as your questions get addressed, attend sessions more than once or attend an entire session to learn more about JustGrants functionality. Registration is limited to 350 attendees per session.


Date Created: September 22, 2021