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Language Access and Immigration Relief Tools in Labor Trafficking Investigations in the U.S.


This recorded webinar is designed to provide an overview of immigration relief tools and considerations for ensuring language access in labor trafficking investigations.

Target Audience: Police, prosecutors, and allied professionals

Overall Objectives: Learn to—

  • articulate the differences between T visas, U visas, and Continued Presence;
  • utilize immigration relief tools to improve victim participation in the criminal justice system;
  • enhance victim safety by certifying that an individual is a victim of qualifying offenses; strategize how to address the victims’ immigration status during trial;
  • implement the proper steps to comply with legal requirements regarding language access;
  • effectively use interpreters to engage with victims and ensure statements made by defendants are admissible; and
  • provide culturally appropriate language access to non-English speaking victims.

Includes: A webinar featuring subject matter experts discussing strategies to help police and prosecutors to proactively identify victims of labor trafficking and effectively investigate and prosecute traffickers using a victim-centered and trauma-informed approach. 

Date Created: February 2, 2022