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Legal Empowerment for Survivors and the Bereaved

Event Dates

This legal empowerment session will give a broad background and history of the Victims of Crime movement, including the Victims of Crime Act, and discuss Nevada's Victims of Crime Compensation Program, with a special focus on the work and systemic changes the Vegas Strong Resiliency Center has accomplished. This event will also cover legal services the Resiliency Center provides related to the compensation program, as well as more wraparound services and resources that touch on a broad spectrum of legal issues and concerns, which some may not have initially been aware of.

Tyler Winkler, Esq., will lead the presentation. Tyler is a public interest and legal aid attorney who joined the Resiliency Center in 2018. He advocates for victims of crime in a wide array of legal matters as well as helping to connect clients with resources and support.

Date Created: April 13, 2021