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Legal Services for Victims of Crime: A Model for Program Design and Evaluation

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Crime victim legal services are an important form of victim assistance, and evaluation research is needed to help guide their implementation. Before evaluation can be conducted, however, a clear, unified conceptual framework and theory of change is needed that outlines what “success” looks like for victim legal services. This webinar aims to provide insight into three questions:

  • How is the effectiveness of any victim legal services program defined?
  • What inputs/ activities/ outputs/ outcomes should be measured for a legal services program focused on victims’ rights enforcement in particular?
  • What data are needed to evaluate a legal services program?

This webinar presents this conceptual model, which was developed as part of an National Institute of Justice-funded project by researchers at the Justice Research and Statistics Association, leading practitioner organization the National Crime Victims Law Institute, and subject matter experts across multiple areas of victim legal services. It will cover the development of the model itself and how practitioner might apply it to their work. The model provides essential grounding that can guide program design and evaluation across all forms of victim legal services, including victims’ rights enforcement programs.

Date Created: November 9, 2020