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LGBTQIA+ Youth and Human Trafficking: Susceptibility and Solutions

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Youth who identify as LGBTQIA+ often face discrimination, and lack confidence, financial stability, and family support -- factors that can lead to homelessness and vulnerability to human trafficking. Join Anti-Trafficking International's next Let’s Talk live webinar on LGBTQIA+ Youth and Human Trafficking: Susceptibility and Solutions. Wade Arvizu will discuss factors that make LGBTQIA+ youth vulnerable to exploitation and trafficking, and how the community can engage in prevention and improve access to services for LGBTQIA-identifying youth.

**Please note that this webinar will be hosted on a new platform, Microsoft Teams, not Ring Central. You can download the Teams app or view it on your browser.

If you cannot attend the live event, sign up anyway and Anti-Trafficking International will email you a link to watch it later.

About Wade Arvizu

Wade Arvizu has been providing recommendations and input to inform research, policies, and programs to combat trafficking since 2014. He published his first book, Fragments: A Post Traumatic Paradigm in 2019, under the pseudonym K.D. Roche. Fragments has been quoted in college textbooks, utilized in family trafficking court cases, and used to train the Department of Child and Family Services in many US states on family facilitated exploitation.

Wade has also focused much of his work on improving services and advocating for LGBQ+ and Transgender survivors of exploitation. He is working on his second book, which focuses on the connection between the systemic oppression of queer and transgender youth and trafficking. He is passionate about economic empowerment for survivors of exploitation and trafficking and grateful for the opportunity to work to increase the number of survivors employed in economically stable jobs through his work as the Associate Director of Employment Pathways at Survivor Alliance.

Date Created: May 31, 2022