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The Magic Decoder Ring: How Criminal Justice Can Work Better with Therapists and Psychologists in Youth and Family Cases

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“Why is this therapist such a bad witness?” “Why is this psychologist refusing to release their paperwork to me?” “Why is this doctor giving me such a hard time?” If you have ever asked any of these questions (or similar ones) when interacting with a mental health/behavioral health provider, then you need to attend this talk.

The twofold focus of this talk is first to teach legal professionals how to “speak therapist.” The secondary focus of this talk is to teach therapists and other behavioral health providers how to understand “attorney-ese.”

The main goal of this talk is to help bridge the worlds of the mental health provider and the legal provider so that both can better help the family they are working with.

A strong emphasis on cases involving child trauma will be part of this talk and specific examples and strategies to help bridge the two spheres will be given.

Date Created: February 23, 2023