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Monroe County Helping Crime Victims Thrive!

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Event Dates
Location In Monroe County, NY Forthcoming

TBD - Check County Website for Updates
Monroe County, NY

“Monroe County Helping Crime Victims Thrive” will come to life by the Monroe County Department of Public Safety as a therapeutic summit for healing.

Presentations and workgroups will be centered around healing whether it’s for the victim themselves, families of victims, or those who work with victims and can be exposed to vicarious trauma; inspiring stories of hope despite trauma someone has faced, on self-care, mindfulness, research and help on resiliency, ACEs, multigenerational trauma, the science behind triggers, trauma responses and tools for regulation, and more.

Attendees will leave with tools for their own resiliency going forward or tools for how to help their loved ones who struggle with their mental health.

Date Created: March 15, 2023