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Naming and Healing From Trauma: Labor Trafficking Service Delivery

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This webinar will provide in-depth knowledge of labor trafficking trauma and post-traumatic growth experiences. Topics include research on the trauma, survivor stories on the importance of naming trafficking experiences, and practical recommendations to develop client policies and procedures.

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This training is tailored for anti-trafficking service providers with existing knowledge of labor trafficking, trauma, and survivor service delivery.


Eva Eakins (They/ Them) is a grassroots social justice advocate, a prevention educator and a mental health Peer Support Specialist with a lived-experience working to raise awareness on human trafficking issues in the United States. Eva's focus is survivors who are children and young people. Eva has worked for the County mental health care systems to identify at-risk youth and worked to connect them with services.

Charlee Borg (She/Hers) weaves first-hand knowledge from over ten years serving survivors of human trafficking to create engaging and relevant training materials. Prior to Framework, Charlee built agency, regional, and state anti-trafficking capacity across the U.S. while consulting as a cross-cultural trauma and crisis response specialist. She has aided human trafficking survivors nationally and internationally by developing and managing programs, providing crisis and long-term therapy interventions, and supporting survivors and organizations better partner together. Charlee received her M.A. in International Disaster Psychology: Trauma and Global Mental Health from the University of Denver with a certificate in Program Development and Evaluation.

Date Created: April 11, 2022