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National Crime Victims' Rights Week Best Practices for Compassionately Engaging Survivor Voices Advanced Workshop & Lunch Registration

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Event Dates
Capitol Plaza Hotel

Montpelier, VT

The theme for National Crime Victims' Rights Week (NCVRW) 2023 is Survivor Voices: Elevate, Engage, Effect Change. To honor this important topic, the Vermont Center for Crime Victim Services with the United States Attorney's Office, for the District of Vermont will be holding an in-person advocacy workshop.

This workshop will be led by Victim's Rights Expert, Author and Survivor Jennifer Storm, and will focus on the following questions: 

  • What does it mean to elevate victims voices and be victim-centered?
  • Who, when and how should we be engaging with survivors and how do we offer choices?
  • To what end do we want victims to share their stories?
  • How do our own biases and beliefs impact our work with survivors and other victim service providers?
  • What are unique ways to engage survivors?
  • How to identify strategies that enhance self-reflection and professional inventory of goals.

This workshop is well-suited for professionals who advocate for and serve victims and survivors of crime. It is intended to facilitate how to best empower victim/survivor voices, create understanding, and ultimately help transform and enhance victim services in Vermont.

Date Created: March 13, 2023