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National Crime Victims’ Rights Week Ceremony 2024

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Event Dates
State Archives of North Carolina

109 E. Jones Street
Raleigh, NC

Every year in April, the Office for Victims of Crime helps lead communities throughout the country in observances of National Crime Victims’ Rights Week. This year National Crime Victims’ Rights Week is being observed April 21-27, 2024.

Keynote Speakers: Fred and Margo.

In honor of National Crime Victims’ Rights Week, this year’s event will feature a message of hope and inspiration from caretakers in a child exploitation case. An elementary school child disclosed being sexually abused for two years by a trusted person who had been close to the family. When confronted, the offender admitted to the abuse and the production of child sexual abuse materials. 

The investigation revealed that the offender had victims dating back several decades and was prosecuted federally for production of child pornography and was sentenced to 30 years imprisonment. During this commemorative event, the caretakers will courageously share their powerful story of resilience, strength, and recovery from victimization in the hope of raising awareness for others and preventing future abuse.

REGISTRATION REQUIRED. Deadline to register is April 15, 2024. Fill out the registration form and email it to [email protected]

Date Created: March 29, 2024