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National Crime Victims' Rights Week: Incorporating Anti-Ableism into Victim Services

Event Dates

Drawing from lived experience and the work of disability activists, “Incorporating Anti-Ableism into Victim Services: Serving Disabled Survivors” will introduce victim advocates to Disability Justice in order to understand how systemic ableism impacts survivors and compounds with other forms of systemic oppression. 

This National Crime Victims' Rights Week event will cover the basics of disability law/rights, culture, and justice, practical tips for accessibility, the unique ways disabled people experience victimization, and how to include an anti-ableist perspective in advocacy. 

Explore how ableism shows up within victim services and in abuse, as well as how to fight against it. Advocates’ understanding of disabled survivors will be grounded in a strengths-based approach, prioritizing dignity and collective liberation from violence. Advocates will be empowered to shift their perspectives on accessibility, improve the quality of services for all survivors and challenge the ableism that flourishes in the systems we advocate within.

This presentation will emphasize that to truly address the needs of all survivors, and to prevent harm, we must root our personal and professional relationships in sustainable practices of love and accessibility.

Date Created: March 1, 2022