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National Crime Victims' Rights Week: Victim Rights for American Indian/Alaska Native Survivors of Violent Crime Victimization

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There are more than 575 “federally recognized tribes” in the United States. American Indians/Alaska Natives, comprising close to 2 percent of the population, suffer the highest rates of violent crime victimization (including stalking, domestic violence, and sexual assault) and the lowest rates of reporting in the Nation. This population resides in all 50 states, on Tribal lands, in cities, and in rural areas, yet they are largely invisible, underserved, or poorly served.

Participants will learn how these crimes can often trigger “complex jurisdictional quagmires” with the possibility of state, federal, and/or Tribal investigation, prosecution, and services.

The presentation will include a discussion of inter-jurisdictional collaboration, attorney and non-attorney admission to practice law in Tribal courts, creative civil remedies for victims, and innovative sentencing, release, restitution, and protection order provisions.

Date Created: March 1, 2022