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OVC Materials for Child Victims and Witnesses Support

Event Dates

On Tuesday, April 5, 2022, as part of OVC's commemoration of National Child Abuse Prevention Month, join OVC for a webinar to learn about materials that support children and youth, ages 2–18, as they navigate the justice system. Children who have experienced traumatic events are often thrust into the criminal justice system and forced to navigate systems they are not prepared for. OVC hopes that these materials can help to prepare them and reduce the impact of trauma.

Panelists, including Chris Newlin, Executive Director, National Children’s Advocacy Center; and Suamhirs Piraino-Guzman, Partnerships Manager, King County Department of Community and Human Services, will discuss how the Child Victims and Witnesses Support Materials can help children and youth in both criminal and family court settings understand the justice system, their rights, and the roles of different practitioners that they may encounter.

These developmentally appropriate comic books and graphic novels feature diverse characters of different ages and backgrounds. These materials have recently been translated to the following languages: Spanish, Chinese (simplified), Vietnamese, Arabic, and Haitian Creole.

Learn how your organization can use these materials to support child and youth victims and witnesses interacting with the justice system.

Date Created: March 15, 2022