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The OVC VOCA Center – Victim Assistance/Victim Compensation Wellness Workshops Self-Care Series #2 – How to Create Healing Moments Through the Senses

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In this session, led by Natasha Drake, attendees will learn how to create “small” healing moments by engaging with their five senses. The workshop will start with a collective grounding activity during which attendees will be taught a somatic exercise that activates the five senses to help disrupt racing thoughts, panic, and other symptoms of anxiety that are often present in individuals during situations related to healing from trauma and vicarious trauma. Attendees will then be taken on a journey through the five senses and provided with easily replicable methods for creating their own healing moments. Each attendee will also receive their own custom self-care box containing items that directly correlate to the self-care methods presented in the wellness workshop.


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Date Created: February 21, 2023