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The OVC VOCA Center – Victim Assistance/Victim Compensation Wellness Workshops Self-Care Series #9 – “Achieving Healthy Workplace Ergonomics”

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The session is designed for VOCA Victim Compensation and Victim Assistance Administrators and staff who are constantly navigating vicarious trauma at work. Everything on the work desk, including a computer monitor, laptop, keyboard, etc. all plays an integral part in work life. They can also place an unnecessary strain on our bodies. During this session, VOCA Administrators and their staff will learn how to use office ergonomics design principles to help reduce exposure to the risk factors of musculoskeletal injuries. Presenter Sheryl Ulin, University of Michigan, will share how to optimize the workspace to reduce exposure to occupational risks and identify simple changes that can be implemented to result in better office ergonomics.

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Date Created: August 23, 2023