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Overcoming Burnout: Finding Meaning and Purpose in Your Career and Life Again

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Have you been feeling burned out? Overwhelmed? Tired? It’s easy to go down this path with all we have going on within our profession right now. At the same time, this offers us the greatest opportunity if we choose to look for it, which is what we will be doing together on this webinar. This training is designed for criminal justice professionals who are close to experiencing burnout and looking to regain a sense of fulfillment in their work and home life. This webinar will explore practical strategies for eliminating burnout and finding meaning and purpose again. Participants will learn how to identify their personal values and passions both inside and outside of work and seek a healthy work-life balance. The webinar will also provide tips and strategies for building resilience, managing stress, and developing a growth mindset to overcome burnout and reignite a sense of purpose and fulfillment in your criminal justice career.

Date Created: December 8, 2023