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The Public Health Response to Human Trafficking: A Look-Back and a Step Forward

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Professionals working with and serving communities at risk of human trafficking increasingly use public health strategies to establish evidence-informed, data-driven responses to human trafficking. "The Public Health Response to Human Trafficking: A Look-Back and a Step Forward," published by Public Health Reports (PHR) and sponsored by the Office on Trafficking in Persons (OTIP), expands the current evidence base and highlights the strengths of using a public health approach when preventing and responding to human trafficking. 

The authors in this supplement explore the efficacy of individual and communal 
public health interventions and describe the tools used by professionals and systems of care to respond to human trafficking.

Join the Association of Schools & Programs of Public Health, PHR, and OTIP for a discussion of this supplemental issue of PHR and hear directly from those involved in the development of the supplement and the authors of two articles: Addressing Racism in the Domestic Minor Sex Trafficking of Black Girls: The Role of Public Health Critical Race Praxis and Applying Telemental Health Services for Adults Experiencing Trafficking.

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Date Created: July 21, 2022