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Reclaiming Our Love: Social Justice & Domestic Violence Conference

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Join The Network Advocating Against Domestic Violence in their mission to end society's tolerance of domestic violence and social injustice at the third annual virtual Reclaiming Our Love: Social Justice & Domestic Violence Conference.

This virtual conference is a platform to advance social justice and equity frameworks that underpin our anti-violence work. It has also served as a shared space for anti-violence activists, advocates, funders, and practitioners to elevate non-institutional response systems, restorative and transformative justice practices, reproductive justice, self-care for advocates, abolition, and survivor-led programming. The focus of the year's conference is access and practice.

HOW can we move from concepts to action to disrupt systemic power-based violence and create better pathways to justice for survivors? Hear directly from experts including survivors and young advocates about non-institutional approaches and social justice models that have worked while enjoying some music, yoga and mindfulness. You are invited these 2 days of sharing, exploring, and being BOLD!

Date Created: March 8, 2023