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Sexual Assault Medical Forensic Examination (SAMFE) Virtual Practicum


This interactive training teaches each step of a victim-centered medical forensic examination, shows how the evidence is analyzed in the crime lab, and prepares professionals to testify in court.

The training takes place in a virtual facility, with lessons taught by leading experts. Through patient simulations and hands-on activities, the program covers a wide variety of topics, including—

  • medical/forensic history taking,
  • physical head-to-toe examination,
  • evidence collection,
  • medical/forensic documentation,
  • crime lab analysis, and
  • courtroom testimony.

In the clinical rooms, learners practice skills to care for patients from different populations, including transgender patients, older adults, adolescents, cisgender males, and incarcerated patients.

A tool for multidisciplinary teams, the SAMFE Virtual Practicum shows professionals in action, illustrating how an effective, trauma-informed response to sexual assault requires everyone working together.

Date Created: May 10, 2022