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Silly Rabbit, Tech isn’t Just for Kids: Older Adults and Technology Use

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Older adults are using dating sites, investing, and participating online like never before. The COVID-19 pandemic has forced many older adults to seek companionship, restock supplies, and stay in touch via online systems. With this shift to more digital community building, older adults are victimized by financial fraud and online crimes, such as romance scams, timeshares, online purchases, and more.

Older adults have the right to be online and to engage in a safe, meaningful way. Service providers should understand the ways older adults are using technology, the ways technology can be misused, and how older adult victims can be empowered to use technology.

During this webinar, participants will—

  • gain a high-level understanding of how older adults use technology, 
  • identify three ways technology is misused in older adult cases, and
  • learn at least three safety planning strategies that can help older adult victims navigate technology-facilitated crimes.

Date Created: May 26, 2023