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“Someday” Never Comes: Breaking Generational Cycles of Familial Abuse

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This presentation utilizes the presenter’s personal experiences as a childhood victim of domestic violence along with his continuing research in the area of family violence. As a teen, the presenter was once told by his father, “Someday you will understand (why I do this to your mom)”. Fortunately, that day of accepting the abuse occurring in the home has never come.

This webinar will highlight key concepts for ending generational cycles of familial abuse, explore how concepts from initiatives to end generational cycles for other public health issues are also relevant, explain the importance of working at this issue from both directions (separate but equally effective programs for victims and perpetrators) and identify key areas of intervention for family violence professionals (law enforcement, court systems, animal welfare, education, medical, faith-based, etc.) in efforts to end abuse in the home.

Ending generational cycles of familial abuse not only results in improved health outcomes for all humans and animals who currently reside in the home, but for the generations who follow as well.

Date Created: April 20, 2022