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“They didn’t teach us this in law school:” How to Create a Legitimate Trauma Informed Court

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This webinar will have a strong focus on attorneys, advocates, and judges who interact with traumatized children in their courtrooms. This talk will also be highly relevant for other providers who work directly with the courts (e.g., therapists and police officers).

Specific “Trauma Basics” will be covered such as Complex Trauma vs. PTSD, why evidence-based treatments are more powerful than non-evidence-based treatments, secondary trauma, and others. Specific tools will be given as examples of what a “Trauma-Informed Court” looks like such as the “National Child Traumatic Stress Network Bench Card for the Trauma-Informed Judge.” Lastly, immediate steps that can be taken today will be focused on for audience members in order to help them start moving towards a “Trauma-Informed Court”.

Date Created: June 3, 2022