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Understanding the JJDPA: Girls and Sexually Exploited Youth in the Juvenile Justice System (Webinar)

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Girls are disproportionately involved in the justice system for offenses that present little or no threat to public safety.

The vast majority of girls who enter the justice system have experienced trauma, including sexual, physical, and emotional abuse.

For almost three decades, the JJDPA has required states to develop gender-specific policies for their juvenile justice system.

The 2018 reauthorization expands upon those requirements, including eliminating the use of restraints on known pregnant youth and providing alternatives to detention for survivors of commercial sexual exploitation.

This webinar will discuss the changes in H.R. 6964 that affect girls and sexually exploited youth in the justice system and how states can continue to work towards addressing the unique needs of this population.

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Date Created: December 12, 2019