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VICTIM/SUSPECT Documentary Panel: Discussing the Critical Role of Advocates

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Netflix's VICTIM/SUSPECT highlights the alarming issue of young women being arrested for filing a false report after reporting their sexual assault to law enforcement. Join the National Organization for Victim Advocacy for a panel with the subjects of the documentary to discuss this systemic issue, opportunities for change, and the role of victim advocacy. 

About the film: 

VICTIM/SUSPECT chronicles journalist Rae de Leon’s investigation into a disturbing pattern: young women report sexual assault to the police and instead of the perpetrators being brought to justice, the women are arrested for filing a false report. Working for The Center for Investigative Reporting, de Leon’s exhaustive research uncovers a surprisingly larger number of these cases nationwide. 

In re-examining elements of the initial law enforcement investigations, de Leon unearths telling recordings of police interviews of victims reporting their sexual assault. Featuring firsthand accounts from numerous young women as well as interviews with police, investigators, and legal experts, VICTIM/SUSPECT raises crucial questions about how the criminal justice system views and treats sexual assault victims. 

If you are unable to view the film on Netflix, please contact [email protected] for an access link.

Date Created: April 9, 2024