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Wellness as a Survival Mechanism: Changing Skills for Changing Times

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Stress-management provided us with the tools we needed when we were already stressed, but did not help us to keep from getting stressed. Self-care was introduced to help us prepare for stressful situations, but focused primarily on the body’s response to stress.

We recognized that our perceptions, the way we think, our goals and expectations also create stress, and the concept of Resiliency was developed to address this. Now we recognize that stress and trauma can occur in any aspect of our lives, and our best preparation for these challenges is met in the concept of Wellness.

This webinar will show how, in the face of personal, local, national and global trauma and challenge, the Wellness model of taking care of ourselves helps us prepare to cope with the crises and chaos we face in these times. The webinar will assist the participants create personal Wellness plans.

Date Created: June 22, 2022