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Western Society of Criminology Conference

Event Dates
The Camby, A Marriott Autograph Collection

Phoenix, AZ

Some of the sessions include:
- Reform, Research, and Robust Relationships:
The Critical Need for Research Partnerships to Enable 21st Century Policing - Arif Alikhan, of the Los Angeles Police Dept.

- Panel: Courts and Judicial Processes
- Panel: Crime and Spatial Analysis
- Panel: Criminological Theory: Past and Present
- Panel: Emergent Issues in Arrest, Sentencing, and Prison Research
- Panel: International Perspectives on Policing
- Panel: Safe Consumption, Legalization, and Behavioral Health Surrounding
Drug Use
- Panel: Forensic Science and Forensic Psychology
- Panel: Roundtable Discussion on the Voices of Parole Agents in a Time of
Prison Re-Alignment
- Panel: Regulatory Rollbacks: The Impact on Climate, Inequality, and Public
- Panel: Policing, Technology, and Methodology

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Date Created: June 3, 2020