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Why THIS Incident? Why Some Cases Haunt Us More than Others

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Those who work in first responder and public safety careers see a whole lot of traumatic things throughout their career. While many do get somewhat desensitized after being exposed to one horrible incident after another, almost every first responder, at the end of their career, will tell you there are a few cases that just really stick with them.

Learn about why many cases are those that fade into a background montage of incidents, while some take a stronghold, reminding us with images, sounds, and other reminders. Learn about the types of incidents as well as the triggers they cause, and post-trauma responses that are the natural consequence of being exposed to trauma and horrific events on-the-job. Also discussed will be treatment options and healing resources for trauma, to help alleviate the pain caused by remembering these significant events.

Date Created: December 20, 2022