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Women’s Health and the Justice Workplace: The Relationship Between Rest, Stress and Hormones

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At some point in our lives and careers, many of us have experienced feeling overwhelmed, fried, and exhausted. This is commonly referred to as burnout. This webinar will address the elements of burnout, how it particularly impacts women in the workplace, and tools to achieve vitality and health. Wendy Hummell is a retired Detective and currently works as the Health and Wellness Manager for the Sedgwick County Sheriff’s Office. Wendy spent a majority of her career working on-call as a Detective in person’s crimes, working homicide, gang, and sex crimes cases. She has experienced first-hand the impact this lifestyle had on her mental, emotional, and physical health. This webinar will tackle issues such as the relationship between stress and women’s hormonal health, gut health, and insulin resistance and the many roles and expectations women carry that add to the experience of stress. Actionable tools will be discussed such as rest and how to make this part of your daily routine.

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Date Created: December 8, 2023