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Rohypnol (flunitrazepam) is a depressant drug that is sometimes used in to perpetrate crimes, such as sexual assaults and rapes. Information about its use in drug-facilitated rape/sexual assault can be found in the following National Institute of Justice publications—

Information on Sexual Assault Nurse Examiner (SANE) certification is available on the International Association of Forensic Nurses website.

For information about SANE programs, visit our Sexual Assault Topic page.

Please enter "Not Applicable (N/A)".

No. Do not include your Social Security number on any of the documentation. If your Social Security number was previously included, it should be removed.

Fellows are grantees who are provided an individual award to conduct the activities proposed in the application. As such, each section that requires a name and contact information should contain your legal name.

The DUNS number is a unique nine-character number that identifies an organization. Individuals are exempt from the DUNS number requirements when applying for an OVC Fellowship. You should enter in "0" in the place of the DUNS number on the application.

If you are applying for Employer Identification Number (EIN) for the sole purpose of applying for an OVC Fellowship, then, no you do not have any employees. As an individual applying for an OVC Fellowship, you are considered the sole proprietor, not an employee. For further information about sole proprietorship, visit the Internal Revenue Service website.

As an individual applying for an OVC Fellowship, you are considered a sole proprietor. Sole proprietors are required to apply for an Employer Identification Number (EIN) to conduct business. For further information about sole proprietorship, visit the Internal Revenue Service website.

Create a 1 year budget to include the following:

  • Personnel - The salary should be based on your current income with consideration to cost of living in Washington, D.C. You must document how you calculated the salary requested. See the Fellowship solicitation for additional details.
  • Fringe Benefits - Allowable benefits are detailed in the Fellowship solicitation. These include life insurance, health insurance (individual plan), disability insurance, state workers’ compensation, retirement plan, (see the Retirement Plans Community section of the IRS website for self-employed pension plan details), Federal Insurance Contributions Act (FICA) tax (typical employer contribution of 7.65 percent of salary), public transportation cost (see www.wmata.com for actual metro or bus expenses). Some research on your part will be necessary to accurately detail the proposed fringe benefits.
  • Travel - Visit www.gsa.gov when developing your travel budget. Some examples of work-related travel during a Fellowship include travel to conferences or training, travel with OVC staff to various site visits across the U.S. No international travel is allowed.
  • Supplies – Consider supplies that you will need, such the cost for a Blackberry purchase, if necessary.
  • Other – Consider possible expenses, such as monthly cell phone/Blackberry use, conference/training registration fees, professional reference materials, and business cards.

You will be expected to prepare and submit a budget narrative form (to explain the costs) and a budget detail worksheet (to detail the costs and category).

The purpose of performance measures is to provide a clear method of measuring progress and achievement of objectives through deliverables. It is suggested that each applicant develop a chart that—

  • identifies objectives,
  • provides performance measures to quantify the activities and deliverables of the Fellowship, and
  • identifies the data that will support the completion of the activities.