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OVC FY 2021 Invited to Apply - Preventing Trafficking of Girls Training and Technical Assistance

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This invitation to apply is targeted to the FY 20 Preventing Trafficking of Girls Training and Technical Assistance provider to expand the skills of program providers and other stakeholders working to prevent trafficking of girls. This includes the development and provision of training and technical assistance to the OVC funded programs under this program. Training can also be developed for non-OVC grantees working with girl victims of sex trafficking, including training for probation, detention center staff, law enforcement, judges and education professionals. The successful applicant is expected to develop and host an annual meeting for the grantees funded under this program. There will be a separate open, competitive solicitation to fund up to three program sites; however this noncompetitive solicitation is to provide continuation funding to the current TTA provider.
Date Created: May 26, 2021