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OVC FY 06 Trafficking Task Forces and Victim Services

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The overall goals of this program are: 1) to continue to enhance law enforcement's ability to identify and rescue victims of human trafficking, 2) to provide law enforcement with the resources and training to identify and rescue victims of trafficking, and 3) to ensure that comprehensive services are available wherever trafficking victims are found. Currently, BJA has provided funding to 32 local and state law enforcement anti-trafficking task forces across the country. With Fiscal Year (FY) 2006 funding, up to 10 additional task forces will receive funding through cooperative agreements. Consistent with prior BJA task force solicitations, task force awards will be made for 3 years in the amount of $450,000 each. OVC funding will be dedicated to ensuring that grantees can meet the immediate and long-term needs of trafficking victims wherever they are rescued by law enforcement or through other means. No OVC award shall exceed $450,000.


Number of Awards: 9
Total Amount Awarded: $4,049,237

Date Created: March 6, 2006