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OVC FY 17 Developing Future Victim Specialists for Indian Country

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Through this solicitation, OVC seeks to further cultivate a workforce focused on providing services to American Indian/Alaska Native victims in hard-to-staff positions and locations. By identifying and training prospective victim service professionals in the early stages of their post-secondary education and career, tribal and Bureau of Indian Affairs’ victim service programs will hopefully have an easier time filling victim service positions in remote Indian Country or Alaska Native locations. Successful applicant(s) under this solicitation will be expected to: 1) establish and administer a structured program that links students interested in victim service careers to internship opportunities; 2) provide any necessary guidance and training to students participating in the program; and 3) evaluate the program. OVC expects to make up to three awards of up to $450,000 each, with an estimated total amount awarded of up to $1.35 million. Apply by August 9, 2017.


Number of Awards: 6
Total Amount Awarded: $2,605,494

Date Created: June 26, 2017