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OVC FY 2018 Law Enforcement-Based Direct Victim Services and TA Program

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OVC is seeking applications in two purpose areas. Purpose Area 1 (PA 1) supports direct victim assistance service grants to state, tribal, and local law enforcement in small, mid-sized, and large jurisdictions, to hire victim service staff to develop new, or enhance existing, law enforcement-based victim service programs and partnerships in high-crime areas to improve rights and services for victims. Purpose Area 2 (PA 2) will support a technical assistance program to help build the capacity of the PA 1 sites to better serve all victims of crime. OVC expects to make up to 40 awards in PA 1 up to a total award amount of $21.51 million. OVC expects to make one estimated total award in PA 2 up to $2.25 million. OVC conducted a pre-application webinar on June 13, 2018, and a transcript of this webinar is available at www.ovc.gov/grants/webinars.html. Apply by July 2, 2018.


Number of Awards: 18
Total Amount Awarded: $8,760,665

Date Created: May 31, 2018