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OVC FY 2019 Enhancing Language and Other Access to Services

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This program seeks to enhance language access services for crime victims to break down barriers that prevent many individuals from reporting crimes and accessing the services they need after crime victimization. Funding will support the provision of direct services, the development of language access plans, and will expand the capacity of community-based organizations within linguistically specific communities to address the needs of victims of all types of crime. View a change to page 6 at www.ovc.gov/grants/pdftxt/FY19-EASP-Solicitation-Updates-508.pdf. OVC conducted a pre-application webinar on May 14, 2019, and a recording and transcript of this webinar are available at www.ovc.gov/grants/webinars.html. Apply by June 26, 2019.


Number of Awards: 10
Total Amount Awarded: $1,988,702

Date Created: April 26, 2019