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OVC FY 2020 Crime Victim Compensation Program Assessment

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The goal of this project is to increase awareness of victim compensation programs and interest in seeking victim compensation. To achieve this goal, successful applicants will conduct an assessment of the state's current compensation program, develop an implementation plan based on the assessment, and execute the implementation plan. OVC anticipates making up to 6 awards of up to $350,000 each. OVC expects to make awards for a 36-month period of performance, to begin on October 1, 2020. Apply by April 20, 2020.

OVC FY 2020 Crime Victim Compensation Program Assessment Pre-Application Webinar
OVC staff review the solicitation requirements and conduct a question and answer session with interested potential applicants.


Number of Awards: 7
Total Amount Awarded: $2,394,483

Date Created: February 19, 2020