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Birdie Frink

2005 Volunteer for Victims Award | National Crime Victims’ Service Awards

Birdie Frink | Volunteer for Victims Award
Justice for Citizens
Shallotte, North Carolina

From victim to victim advocate, Birdie Frink volunteers her time and devotes her energy and resources to helping victims of violent crime in Brunswick County, North Carolina. In 1994, her youngest daughter, Amy Caroline, was carjacked, tortured, sexually assaulted, and murdered. 

Frink knows the devastation, anger, desperation, frustration, and obstacles victims face. In spite of her own personal tragedy, Frink has rallied to help other victims of violent crime. 

Frink founded Justice for Citizens, formerly Citizens Against Crime, an organization focused on educating the community, advocating for crime victims' rights, and supporting other victims of violent crime. Through her organization, Frink provides immediate and ongoing emotional support by way of phone calls, personal visits, and attendance at the funerals of homicide victims. She also provides information and referrals to necessary services; accompanies victims through legal proceedings; informs victims of pending legislation that may affect their situations; queries agencies to find out if victims will receive adequate treatment; and encourages victims to grow and rebuild their lives. 

Frink is a member of the North Carolina Victim Assistance Network and has been a board member for 8 years. She is a member of the North Carolina Interagency Council and serves on the Brunswick County Child Fatality Task Force and the Criminal Justice Partnership Program in Brunswick County. 

A determined voice for victims' rights, Frink demonstrates not only compassion for victims of crimes, but also enduring dedication to ensuring fairness and justice remain important topics throughout every level of government. 

Frink was nominated by the North Carolina Victim Assistance Network.