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Linda Stephens

2005 National Crime Victims’ Service Awards | National Crime Victims’ Service Awards

Linda Stephens | National Crime Victim Service Award
Amy Rezos Foundation
West Chester, Ohio

Known as a coach, a mentor, and an inspiration, Linda Stephens has been a voice for and supporter of crime victims in Butler County, Ohio, since 1997. Realizing that victims often never received important information about their cases or rights, Stephens persuaded the sheriff's office to establish a victim assistance program. 

Over the last 8 years, she has served countless victims, often providing money for their needs out of her own pocket. Stephens recognized early on the financial burdens of criminal victimization and decided that victims often needed monetary aid more than other types of assistance. 

In one case, she provided court support to a domestic violence victim, Amy Rezos, whose husband had drained their bank accounts. A week after she sat with Amy at a preliminary hearing, Amy's husband hid in the back of Amy's van and shot her twice in the head. Amy survived but struggled to recover, due in large part to the depletion of her monetary resources. 

As a result of these unfortunate circumstances, Stephens became an active member of the executive board of the Amy Rezos Foundation, where she works to help victims in Butler County who need immediate financial assistance. 

In her role as service provider, Stephens makes herself available to every victim who comes through the court system. She also started and continues to run a weekly support group for domestic violence victims. Thanks to her active interest in the rights and needs of crime victims, every one of the courts in the county now has a legal advocate. 

Stephens was nominated by Lieutenant Mike Craft of the Butler County Sheriff's Office. Her nomination was supported by Congressman John Boehner.