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Stanley and Phyllis Rosenbluth

2005 Volunteer for Victims Award | National Crime Victims’ Service Awards

Stanley and Phyllis Rosenbluth | Volunteer for Victims Award
Arlington, Virginia

Stanley and Phyllis Rosenbluth started their work on behalf of victims in 1993, after their son Richard and daughter-in-law Becky were murdered. 

The Rosenbluth’s personal victim experience caused them to take action in 1994 by helping to create a nonprofit organization, Virginians United Against Crime (VUAC), dedicated to the needs, concerns, and rights of victims. They immediately started their work with the creation of a hotline for victims in their home. As a 24 hour, 7 day a week operation, their time invested with the hotline cannot be measured, only valued. 

Through VUAC, they have been able to speak out on behalf of victims. VUAC has played a significant role in helping craft legislation to improve the plight of victims in Virginia. VUAC has assisted in getting legislation passed in Virginia by getting victims involved in the process through letter writing campaigns and testifying before the state legislature. 

For example, VUAC's effort has been credited for helping get the following state legislation passed: parole abolition; truth in sentencing; a victims' rights constitutional amendment in Virginia; right to make oral impact statements; right to speak with a prosecutor prior to entering a plea agreement; right to be notified regarding victims' rights; right of siblings to be included in the definition of victim; increased financial funeral allowance; and many other legislative efforts. 

Their tireless efforts have helped give victim advocates increased rights and services to support victims of violent crime. Together they have logged more than 20,000 volunteer hours on behalf of victims of violent crime. They are passionate voices for victims who believe that silence isolates, while words and actions unite. 

Stanley and Phyllis Rosenbluth were nominated by Carroll Ellis, and their nomination was supported by Senator George Allen and former Attorney General of Virginia, Jerry Kilgore.